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We will be closing on 15 September 2019 to get ready for snow season


Carbon MTB Available now for rent! Starting at $72


eBikes (path style) are here and you can ride the bike path


BEST bike rental rates in Breck with the best bikes

All full day bike rentals include free bike pickup in Frisco...............................

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We sell INTENSE and NORCO bikes.  Give us a call for availability....

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Elevation is a customer orientated shop concentrating on bike rentals, full service and maintenance.  We have path bikes, mountain bikes, junior and trail-a-bike/tag-alongs manufactured by NORCO and KHS.  These are high end manufacturers with years of experience only providing the best.  Whether you are simply visiting, or are a resident of Breckenridge, we will provide you with the finest bicycle equipment and service available today.